Saturday, February 27, 2010

Enter the Dunkin' Donuts Contest to Make Your Own Vegan Donut!

Dunkin' Donuts has a contest to create the next new flavor of donut. The prize is $12,000, not to mention bragging rights by having your creation sold in participating Dunkin' Donuts stores. Problem is, DD doesn't make vegan donuts... which is why you should submit an entry, suggesting that they do!

My creation above is a vanilla chai creme-filled donut with white frosting and chocolate sprinkles - inspired by my favorite beverage, vanilla chai lattes. After you create your donut, you fill out a section telling the judges about your donut and how it was inspired. Use this section to emphasize that you are proposing a vegan donut, without eggs or dairy in the filling, frosting, or donut itself. Who knows, one of us might win! And I'd sure love a vegan donut to dunk in my chai latte.

Update: Check out this site! Once you create your vegan donut, be sure to email your submission to Dunkin Cruelty so they can add it to their gallery of vegan donuts.


  1. And be sure to also send info about your vegan donut entry to Compassion Over Killing for their website -- there's a whole gallery of vegan donut creations!

  2. Ah, I didn't know about this! I'm sending over my vegan donut creation right now. Thanks for the tip!