Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eat Your Brussels Sprouts!

I love Brussels sprouts. I mean, I really love them. I was probably one of the only kids who loved eating them, although back then my parents made the kind that you boil in a bag (or microwave) and that were drowning in butter sauce.

Not too long ago The Vanderbilt opened up in our neighborhood with lots of buzz about its menu and Michelin-starred chef. One of the most buzzed about items on their menu is their appetizer portion of Brussels sprouts with Sriracha, lime, and honey. You may remember that I declared Sriracha to be the greatest condiment to ever come out of a squeeze bottle, so to say that I was intrigued by the sound of this dish is a bit of an understatement. Brussels sprouts? With Sriracha? Yes please!

So although I haven't tried The Vanderbilt's own version, I was determined to come up with my own vegan one, inspired by the ingredients they use. Below is the recipe that I came up with, and while I have no idea how they compare with The Vanderbilt's, these were really, really good. If you don't already like Brussels sprouts, then chances are you just didn't like them as a kid and you're still hanging on to childhood food prejudices. Or, you actually don't like them, in which case I think you might be crazy and we probably can't be friends. But if you do like Brussels sprouts or want to try them, then you should definitely try this recipe. Roasting the Brussels sprouts gets that great caramelized, slightly nutty flavor out of them, and the marinade/dressing is spicy, sweet, salty, and just a bit tart. Now go eat your Brussels sprouts!

The Vanderbilt-Inspired Brussels Sprouts
2 servings

9 oz. Brussels sprouts, cleaned and halved
olive oil
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 1/2 tsp. soy sauce
1 1/2 tsp. Sriracha sauce
juice from one lime

1. Preheat oven to 350. Toss Brussels sprouts in a medium bowl with enough olive oil to evenly coat. Spread sprouts out in an even layer on a baking sheet, and lightly drizzle with some more olive oil. Roast at 350 for 15 minutes.
2. While sprouts are roasting, make dressing. Whisk together syrup, soy sauce, Sriracha, and lime juice in a medium bowl.
3. After 15 minutes, take sprouts out of oven and toss them in the dressing. Spread them out on baking sheet again in an even layer, and drizzle the dressing over the top, reserving a few tablespoons. (There should still be some oil on your baking sheet, this is fine.) Roast another 10 minutes.
4. Drizzle remaining dressing over sprouts before serving.


I served mine over couscous and a couple slices of baked tofu. Delicious!


  1. Brussels sprouts are some of the few things that I don't like. But I know that I should try to make them in some different ways because a lot of people love them!

  2. I really recommend roasting them - I think this brings out the best flavor in them. I also often steam them, and then toss with a little Earth Balance and a sprinkle of lemon pepper. I hope you find a way to enjoy them as much as I do!

  3. My wife LOVES brussel sprouts! I like them. I can't wait to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was just thinking about Brussels sprouts a couple of days ago. Tim loves them and I have a vague feeling that I don't, although I can't actually remember ever having them. Kinda weird, huh? Will be trying your recipe for sure when the husband comes back from his business trip.

  5. These sound wonderful! I like to make brussels baked with olive oil, sea salt & pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice at the end - so simple and fresh tasting. Brussels are some of the best veggies on earth - they have gotten a bad rap being prepared poorly and not fresh.

  6. Hi Leinana, these Brussels Sprouts are making my mouth water-nice photos. This is my favorite vegetable possibly, so I'm saving this recipe.

  7. I LOVE them too except that I only just recently discovered them. I love the combination of maple syrup and lime, plus sriracha for spice. Yum!

  8. I just made your recipe for dinner tonight. OMG! It was fantastic! Thank you again for posting this. Next time I make 'em I'm going to add more sriracha because we like the spicy stuff.

  9. I'm so happy you enjoyed them vampiregran! And I couldn't be more thrilled to find some other brussels sprouts fans out there!

  10. I would have never thought of maple syrup + sriracha, but I could totally see that working!

  11. Hi Leinana!

    I just have to tell you that I've made these yummy morsels over and over again. Everyone loves this recipe. Thank you again for sharing your creative genius. have a blessed day.

    Vampire Gran

  12. Thank you so much Vampire Gran! It's also my favorite way to eat brussels sprouts, so I'm so happy that you enjoy them too! :)

  13. I hated brussel sprouts as a kid but my parents served the boil until gray variety. I decided to give them another chance... roasted... and realized how delicious they can be! Now, I am often pushing brussel sprouts on the non-believers :) I love sriracha (but never really know what to do with it). I just bought some brussel sprouts today so I will certainly try this recipe.

  14. I love brussel sprouts too and cannot wait to try this dish...just discovered this blog and will be sure to bookmark it...mlbbchbill...; )