Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Update: A Puppy Birthday & More Recipe Testing for The Blissful Chef

 Bella gets a veg birthday treat from the Paw-tisserie.


It's Bella's birthday! Happy birthday Bella!!! Well, it's her approximate birthday. It's actually the anniversary of the day we rescued her from the shelter and brought her home with us, one year ago today, which makes her approximately two years old. We just call it her birthday because it's more fun that way. I can't tell you how much love & joy Bella has brought into our lives, and the past year with her has been a year of learning, laughing, and lots of wet puppy kisses. In a word, it's been blissful.

And speaking of blissful (see what I did there?), the past week I've done even more recipe testing for The Blissful Chef. It hasn't left me with much time for my own cooking, unless you count that Field Roast Apple Sage sausage I put on a bun and topped with sauerkraut, but I didn't think that really warranted a blog post of its own. That's ok though, because yet again, we had some real good things to test:

Tofu "Eggs Benedict" with Vegan Hollandaise (served with a side of Fakin' Bacon)

Blissful Mediterranean Salad

A lovely salad with Vegan Caesar Dressing

Indian Pizza with Homemade Mango Chutney

Almond Butter Mousse Parfait with crumbled Ginger Snap Cookies & Sliced Banana

Everything we've tried has been really delicious, and I'll be super excited when The Blissful Chef's cookbook comes out. And speaking of super excited, here's another picture of the Bella pup with her new monkey, which she gleefully carried around all day today.

And we're also super excited to be heading up to Montreal this week for a few days. I've been doing my research on the Happy Cow site, and I'm eager to check out Le Commensal, ChuChai, and Aux Vivres. Does anybody else have any tips (food/shopping/sites) for vegans in Montreal?


  1. Bella is such a cute dog! I grew up in a vegetarian family and our dogs were vegetarian too!

  2. I can't get enough of these puppy pictures! Too freakin' adorable! Our pup is not a vegetarian... but she's not much of an eater anyway. :-/