Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vegan Cookbook Signings & Other Good Things in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Last night I went to the second book-signing party for Melisser Elliott's The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life. The first one was at Moo Shoes, and the second one at the new(ish) all-vegan Champs Family Bakery in Williamsburg. Also there signing her new cookbook was Kelly Peloza with The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur. I bought a copy and am already flagging cookie recipes I want to make for the holidays.

As excited as I was to see Melisser again, (and to also spot Moby at the second event in two weeks) I was also really excited to finally get to check out Champs. We were lucky enough to get to sample lots of treats that they had out for the party, including their now famous pumpkin cinnamon rolls (sorry no pictures of those!), brownies, and even savory scones with Daiya cheddar and sundried tomato. Everything was fantastic. And look at some of these gorgeous treats in their bakery cases:

I'm a sucker for carrot cupcakes.

Look at these beautiful S'mores cupcakes!

 I don't even like scones, but these Strawberry Pecan scones caught my eye... did this Pumpkin Cream Cheese Coffee Cake!

And so I had to bring them home with me:

I'm not exaggerating when I say this was the best scone I ever had. Just look at those bits of strawberries!

And this pumpkin cream cheese coffee cake, quite simply, blew my mind. Run out and get this now, while they have it. That is all.


  1. Live in Westchester. Work in Queens. MUST get to Brooklyn, ASAP, for those sweet treats!

  2. Vegan black and whites! I miss New York. Awesome pics.