Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oscar Noms #8: 127 Layer Cake

Ok, so this cake doesn't take 127 Hours to make, and maybe it doesn't literally have 127 layers, but it has a lot of layers, like at least 20. Work with me here, people.

This cake is made out of stacks of crêpes, with a vegan lemon curd spread between each layer. I saw a photo of a "1000 Layer Cake" in some food magazine a while ago, and I thought it was such a great idea, I've been waiting for an opportunity to try making a vegan one myself. You could use any type of filling you want between the layers - chocolate, fruit jam, caramel, or a vegan dulce de leche would all be great, but I chose a lemon curd because, well, because I just love lemon desserts.

I used the sweet crêpe recipe from Vegan Brunch, which you should absolutely order right now if you don't already have it, and I found this recipe for vegan lemon curd from the Cookies and Candids blog.

Isa's recipe for crêpes is super easy, you just throw all the ingredients into a blender, blend it up, then put the entire blender container into the fridge for about an hour before making your crêpes. Yes, I ruined the first crêpe, but I think that's a requirement when it comes to making them, like an offering to St. Julia Child. After the first one, I didn't have any more trouble.

The lemon curd was delicious and made me wonder why the heck anyone would ever need or want to put eggs into their version. I think I should have boiled it another minute or two longer, because it didn't thicken up quite as much as I wanted, but that wasn't any problem for this recipe, because you simply add 1 - 2 Tbsp. of the lemon curd (or any other filling you choose) to the top of each crêpe and spread it around evenly before adding the next layer.

The result is really impressive and beautiful, and it tastes delicious! The crêpes were light and delicate, as all good crêpes should be, with just a hint of sweetness to them. The lemon curd added just the right amount of tang, and was even better with a drizzle of some strawberry coulis on the side. I think I really could have eaten 127 layers of this!


  1. This is so brilliant- I love lemony crepes, so layered crepes- blows my mind. You are so brilliant & punny :)

  2. Leinana! WOwzers, this looks fab! I have on my list a torte that my grandmother used to make called Pastel de Mil Hojas. 1000 layer Cake. It had dulce de leche. I used to dulce de leche like it was good for me. Nice dessert!

  3. "Impressive" is definitely the right descriptor - WOW! Love it!