Saturday, February 12, 2011

When Life Hands You Strawberries... attempt to make a raw strawberry cheesecake, fail miserably, and buy something for your Valentine's Day dessert instead. Or at least that's what I did.

In my last post, I promised to give you a super sexy Valentine's Day dessert idea, and that was my intention, I swear. My special V-Day menu was intended to conclude with this stunning Raw Strawberry Cheesecake recipe from the PPK website.
Image via Post Punk Kitchen

I mean, look at that beautiful cheesecake. Those lovely pink and red colors! Could there be a more perfect dessert for Valentine's Day?

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. For some reason, the cheesecake didn't set at all, nor did the whipped topping. They were both completely liquid, even after a full day in the fridge, and though I followed the recipe exactly. I don't know what went wrong, I've since done some online research and it seems like a lot of people put their raw cheesecakes in the freezer for a while, then only take it out to thaw before serving. Maybe I'll try that next time. But I was very sad and disappointed, to say the least! I should have taken a picture of my cheesecake disaster to share with you but I didn't have my senses about me at the time. Sorry, Isa, I wanted to do you and your recipe proud, but I failed.

There was a lot to salvage though, I still had plenty of fresh whole strawberries and the strawberry coulis, which we poured over some So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean ice cream, along with some chocolate syrup. So there was that. No need to despair, dessert was still had by all.

So since I don't have any strawberry cheesecake photos of my own to share with you, and because I still had a hankering for some raw pie, we went with some dear friends last night to one of our favorite (mostly) raw restaurants, Caravan of Dreams. And this is what we shared:

RAW Coconut-Mango Pie, topped with strawberry sauce. Creamy, coconutty, tropical goodness.

RAW Chocolate-Açaí Pie, also with strawberry topping. The açaí gave it just a hint of tartness, which paired so well with the chocolate. Also delicious.

Berry Chocolate Cake. To call this chocolate cake doesn't do it justice. This was super moist, rich, and had a layer of (again) strawberry preserves in the middle. Are you picking up on a theme here? We went insane over this cake. It was SO good.

And finally, this ridiculously good banana split. Stogo vegan ice cream with the works, plus chocolate covered ice cream cookies in there. Yeah baby.

So I guess there's a lesson to be learned in this post. I wanted to make my sweetie a V-Day dessert, sure, but when that didn't work out, we improvised. And then we went out the next evening and got even better desserts. So maybe I should leave the raw cheesecake-making to other people. I'm content to just be really good at eating it.

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New York, NY 10009


  1. It's too early in the morning for me to gaping at all this luscious vegan eye candy! WOW!

  2. That's intersting to here about the raw cheesecake recipe. I'm glad you posted this! I've been planning on making that exact same recipe for Valentine's Day. Guess I'll have to try the freezer idea. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh, you just made deconstructed raw cheese cake instead of regular cheesecake. Deconstructed raw cheesecake is actually far more fancy, and I bet you found a clever and creative way to serve it because you're brilliant and whatnot.

  4. I was lucky enough to try Caravan of Dreams during my last visit to NYC, but had already overdosed on desserts for the weekend. I will have to try some dessert there on my next visit. Sorry to hear about your cheesecake, it was a recipe I had my eye on too.

  5. Holy Acai Berries...I had no idea raw desserts could look SO GOOD! You have just made my brand new venture into vegetarianism so much happier.

  6. I just made this just with peaches and had the same problem! I'm so bummed out, I wonder what went wrong?