Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We went to Foodswings. We ate. We rejoiced. We planned the next visit.

So just last night I got around to uploading a bunch of photos from my phone. It always amazes me how many pictures of food I have on there... it's basically hundreds of pictures of food and my dog. Sometimes of my dog eating food. maybe I need to get a new hobby.

Anyway, this past weekend we met some friends at Foodswings, one of my absolute favorite places to binge on some good ol' vegan fast food. This isn't health food, folks, and my thighs are glad we don't live any closer to this place, but it is SO worth the occasional indulgence. My friend Annie, from one of my favorite blogs of all time Meet The Shannons, has been organizing these monthly Foodswings get-togethers. Among the photos I just uploaded, I found some from our meet-up last month:

This is my Cremesicle milkshake. I am REALLY into milkshakes right now. I think it's a pregnancy thing, because while I enjoyed the occasional milkshake in the past, I go completely ape-shit for them now. I can't get enough. This one is amazing - vanilla ice cream with orange juice. Classic Cremesicle flavor, and the orange juice counts as being healthy, right? RIGHT?

That's Annie, and I think those are the punk fries, topped with cheese & bacon bits. Vegan bacon, obvs. (Do I even need to make disclaimers like that anymore?)

I got the Chick'n Cordon Bleu sandwich: breaded chick'n cutlet, soy ham, & Daiya Mozzarella Cheese with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Foodswings Dijonaise.

My husband went for the Chili Cheese Dog combo. I admit I had food envy, which I am prone to. Mental note: next time I should get the chili cheese dogs.

And then there was the feast we had this past weekend:

NACHOS! These nachos were freaking incredible. Actually, our friend Chad, who is one of the cooks there, recommended we get the nachos, and we are so glad we did. Topped with housemade chili, tomato salsa, soy cheddar, and tofu cream cheese, they were easily the best nachos I've ever had. EVER.

I was craving some major comfort food so I went for the creamy mac & cheese combo that comes with 3 "wings." I got one Buffalo Style (no buffalos were harmed), one Southern Fried, and a Sweet BBQ Southern Fried. The BBQ sauce on those is utterly addictive.

My friend Valerie got the Filet of Soul sandwich (Breaded & Fried Mock Fish
Sticks, Soy Cheese & Tartar Sauce w/ Lettuce & Tomato, Onion) which is also one of my favorites, with a side of the disco fries (covered in gravy & cheese). This illustrates one reason why Val & I are such good friends.

And Annie & Dan had an order of the pizza fries. Pizza fries are GENIUS.
Pizza and fries, two of my favorite things, together at last.
So there you have it. Enough Foodswings food porn to last you until, well, probably until next month when we do it all again. It's good to have a month in between visits to work off all that junky food. But to be honest, I'll probably just go track down another vegan milkshake and call it a day.

295 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York
Phone: 718-388-1919


  1. YUMMY eats! I have to say though, how are you not going through severe heartburn? I crave comfort foods and then eat them and die of heartburn. I am glad you are enjoying them!

  2. Yes, I have been having an issue with the pregnancy heartburn, mostly with spicy foods though it can strike pretty much any time. Tums have become my friend! A visit to Foodswings is totally worth it though! :)

  3. I wasn't hungry before I saw these photos. Now, I am ravenous! Foodswings is sooooo tasty!

  4. This looks amazing! I'm not even a vegan, but mmmmmmhhh