Friday, October 21, 2011

Pasta with Butternut Squash, Fried Sage, and Pine Nuts

They should just rename autumn "butternut squash & pumpkin season," because really, do you want to eat anything else when the weather turns cool and crisp? This is my favorite season, mostly because pretty much anything you cook that involves butternut squash or pumpkin makes your kitchen smell like Thanksgiving.

I found this recipe for Pasta Pan-Fried with Butternut Squash, Fried Sage, and Pine Nuts on one of my favorite sites, The Kitchn. The Kitchn isn't all vegan or even vegetarian, but they certainly post a lot of vegan-friendly recipes. I didn't have to change anything in this recipe except that I used vegan Parmesan instead of the dairy kind.

Fried sage is such a simple, easy thing but it really adds a lot of flavor. And giving the pasta a toss in the pan until it was slightly browned and crispy on the edges added a nice, hearty chewiness to the dish. The recipe says to cook the pasta/squash mixture in two different batches so you have enough room in the pan, but I used a wok and it all fit in one batch. If anything, I would have roasted my squash mixture a bit longer so that it was a little deeper in color and flavor.

This really is a perfect autumnal pasta recipe - it comes together quickly (even more so if you buy your squash already peeled and cubed), and the aromas of the roasting squash, onions, fried sage, and toasted pine nuts are simply intoxicating. So satisfying and delicious!


  1. I wish I could share a plate of this with you momma! Hope you are feeling great! This seriously looks insanely good. I've been ravenously hungry today.