Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Snowy Saturday post.

It's snowing in NY today. That's right. It's not even Halloween, and we have snow. It's really pretty but I'm not ready for winter weather just yet. I'm just starting to ease into wearing sweaters and making big pots of chili and pumpkin desserts... you know, fall stuff. Don't tell me I have to pull out my puffy weather-proof winter coat already.

Fortunately, on this snowy Saturday, my plans consist of baking two different cakes for upcoming blog posts. One is for Big Vegan's virtual potluck and the other is for a guest post I'm doing for Meet the Shannons. Both cakes will be posted on Tuesday, so stay tuned for those, but in the meantime I'll share with you some vegan eats I've had recently in the city.

Cupcakes from Cowgirl's Baking. We got an assortment of flavors from their extensive cupcake menu to taste, and I liked them so much we got a bunch of the mini's to serve at my baby shower.

It's hard for me to order anything other than the butterfinger shake when I'm at Foodswings, but on my last visit I got crazy and ordered a Crunchberry one: strawberry ice cream & cookies. Oh yeah. Good stuff.

Also at Foodswings I got the sliders with a side of their amazing fries. I'm kind of simple when it comes to fries, I like mine plain. But my friend Valerie, as you can see below, gets wild with their disco fries...

Disco fries (covered with gravy and cheeze) and a seitan gyro. All from Foodswings. All delicious.

At a recent event at Moo Shoes, I got to sample these "Bite Sighs" from vegan bakery Sherry's Short Cakes. Oh. My. Goodness. These were unbelievably good. Moist, full of flavor, and decadent. I admit I totally played the pregnancy card and kept going back for another bite (and another) of these delicious morsels. Right now these are available for order online. A perfect gift for the holidays!

We're lucky enough to have a few vegan restaurant options in our Brooklyn neighborhood, and one of our favorites is Dao Palate. They have really tasty pan-Asian food (my favorite main dish is the Citrus Soy Protein) but recently we decided to forgo the savory dishes and just stop in for some tea and dessert. They have what I think might be the best vegan cheesecake I've ever had. This one is their Raspberry White Chocolate slice. Heaven.

And this is their equally heavenly pumpkin cheesecake. To die for. I mean, to live for.

And these pics are from our recent friend-filled brunch at V-Spot in Brooklyn. We started out with some amazing spinach quesadillas...

While a friend started with an order of their famous empanadas. If you go to V-Spot, you must get these.

More starters: Buffalo "Chicken" wings with vegan blue cheese dip

These were my banana wholewheat pancakes. I won the "Who's going to eat more pancakes?" challenge that day.

You can't go wrong with the classic tofu scramble brunch, served with toast, roasted potatoes, and veggie sausage.

Breaded "chicken" patty sandwich.

And finally, a "chicken" burrito.

Now that it's seemingly turned to winter and I have only 3 weeks left until my due date, I'm not sure how often I'll be getting out for vegan eats in the near future. Except for this Tuesday, November 1st, when the Avenue A location of Two Boots Pizza will be giving out FREE SLICES of their all-new vegan pizza! Do I need to repeat? FREE SLICES OF VEGAN PIZZA!!! I will brave rain and storm, perhaps even contractions, to get to that. Hope to see you there.


  1. Wow, all this food looks totally delicious! I just spent a few days staying with friends in Brooklyn and fell in love with Bliss Cafe (their chili and cornbread was amazing!). We didn't try these places, but this gives me something to look forward to on my next visit to NY. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm moving to where you live!

    Hope all is going well!
    Savannah xox

  3. Your post is making me hungry!
    Have you tried the Grilled Marinated Tofu tacos with soy cheese & vegan sour cream from Benny's Burritos on Greenwich yet? TO DIE FOR!

    I will have to check out Dao Palate next time I am in the area, but I have to say... Mint Chip Shakes from Foodswings are my favorite.

    Now that ZPizza is gone (or perhaps relocated?) can you suggest another place to get vegan pizza? Is the Two Boots pizza good?

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. @Ska Jenny - I used to live near another Benny's Burritos in the East Village, their tacos are great! I haven't had the new vegan pizza from Two Boots yet, but for vegan pizza I absolutely love Viva Herbal (casual place for slices) or Pala (for a sit-down dinner).