Saturday, November 5, 2011

Big Vegan Giveaway Winner!

Many thanks to all who left comments and followed the Big Vegan virtual potluck. I got a lot of inspiring suggestions for vegan holiday main courses, but the winner was selected by random number generator:
And the 18th person to leave a comment was Janet from The Taste Space! Her favorite dish to share is a lentil salad with capers and currants. Sounds delicious! Janet, I hope you find plenty of inspiration in your new copy of Big Vegan!


  1. Awesome! Thank you so much Leinana. :) I can't wait to try some of the new recipes. :)

  2. hello there, i hope you don't mind a special request. last year - thanks to you - i hosted my first vegan thanksgiving. if you have a moment, could you do a post on your menu or e-mail me? i'm in a time crunch but i'd like to give my omni family another vegan feast from you.

    thanks very much!

  3. @sweetie - wow! i'm honored that i helped you host your very first vegan thanksgiving last year! the reason i haven't posted any new thanksgiving recipes this year is because i am currently 39 weeks pregnant...i'm due in exactly one week from today, the same week of thanksgiving! i haven't really felt like being on my feet in the kitchen and frankly, we're planning to get takeout from one of the great vegan restaurants in the city this year. please forgive me, i hope to at least get some good xmas recipes up soon! xo