Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nachooo Burgers!

Ever since I made these amazing nacho burgers I've had "Nachoooooo!" stuck in my head, and other quotes from my favorite Jack Black movie ever. (Yeah, I studied European art cinema in school, and here I am referencing my favorite Jack Black movie. I'm well-rounded that way.)

My inspiration was this Bobby Flay recipe I saw from the February cover of Food & Wine. Obviously Bobby Flay isn't vegan but I respect his approach to food - straightforward, fresh, bold flavors with a spicy kick. And the first thing I thought of when I saw his recipe was that it would be the perfect opportunity to finally try out two new-ish products I hadn't had the opportunity to test yet: Gardein's Ultimate Beefless Burgers and Daiya's Pepperjack Shreds. These are definitely my new favorite veggie burgers. I've written here before about how much I hate mushy veggie burgers, and these from Gardein are anything but. They have a firm texture and like all Gardein products, are almost frighteningly convincing in their "meatiness." They actually kind of tasted like regular fast food burgers (I mean that in a good way). Can you just imagine what the world would be like if that famous sign boasted about how many millions of vegans were served Gardein burgers everyday?

Anyway, these are so easy that it's barely worth a recipe, but I'll copy the one for Bobby Flay's salsa here. The other thing I loved about these burgers was that crushed blue corn chips were part of the toppings. I've always been a (semi-closeted) fan of putting potato chips on sandwiches, so the corn chips definitely appealed to me both for the color and texture that they added. I also served these burgers with Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries - seasoned with Chipotle, they were the perfect side for these slightly spicy burgers.

Bobby Flay's Nacho Burgers (Veganized)
serves 4

For salsa:
3 tablespoons red wine vinegar  
1 tablespoon vegetable oil 
1 chipotle chile in adobo, seeded and minced 
3 plum tomatoes, finely diced 
2 tablespoons red onion, finely diced 
3 tablespoons chopped cilantro 

1/2 cup Daiya Pepperjack shreds
1 package Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burgers (4 patties)
4 hamburger buns, split and toasted
Sliced pickled jalapenos and crushed blue corn tortilla chips, for serving

1. For salsa, combine all ingredients in a bowl and season with salt.
2. Prepare burgers according to package directions. Top each patty with Daiya Pepperjack and allow to melt. (I let the Daiya start to melt while the burgers were still in the pan and then put them into the oven for a few minutes to finish melting completely.) Top with salsa, jalapenos, and corn tortilla chips.


  1. uh YUM!!! I have yet to try the Pepperjack Daiya. Do you like it better than the Cheddar? This looks way delicious!!

  2. I actually wish the Pepperjack was spicier, but I thought it was really good!

  3. Ooooh, these looks fantastic! Gardein's burgers and Daiya pepperjack are two of the best vegan products on the market -- combining them and adding salsa and jalapenos is genius!