Monday, February 6, 2012

Oscar Noms #7: Midnight Sandwich in Paris

In my search for Oscar Noms, I discovered something called a Cuban Midnight sandwich, or a Medianoche. I had never heard of this sandwich before, but apparently it is basically a Cuban sandwich (ham + swiss cheese + pickle + mustard) with turkey on it, served hot. Simple enough. I also discovered that this is the favorite sandwich of Dexter, which made me like it even more, because Dexter is one of my favorite shows of all time (Breaking Bad might be my favorite, if you're wondering).

I'm not really going to bother giving you a recipe for this, because it is more about assembly than actual cooking. I will give you instructions though. I made this in my trusty Griddler, but if you have a grill pan with a press that will also be fine. Of course you could also just grill it in a regular nonstick pan, but then you won't have those cool grill marks on it.

Vegan Cuban Midnight Sandwiches
bread (suitable for pressing)
Tofurky slices
vegan ham slices (note: I also really like the Field Roast Smoked Tomato deli slices for this sandwich)
vegan cheese (I used Daiya Pepperjack flavor)
sliced dill pickles
Italian dressing
Earth Balance or other vegan butter (or olive oil)

1. Mix Vegenaise with Italian dressing to your taste. Spread mixture on one slice of bread, spread mustard on other sandwich half.
2. Layer slices of Tofurky, vegan ham, vegan cheese, and pickles.
3. Spread Earth Balance (or brush olive oil) on outside of sandwich, both sides. Grill in panini press or pan.
4. Serve with a side of plantain chips and/or black bean soup, with some cornichons on the side (to add a touch of Paris).

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  1. This looks delicious, but I had to comment because Breaking Bad is my favorite show ever!