Thursday, April 4, 2013

March 2013 Vegan Cuts Snack Box!

Have you signed up for a Vegan Cuts monthly snack box yet? It's the gift that keeps on giving! I recently got my first of these boxes of goodness, and I have to say that it is a brilliant way to discover new vegan products, easily delivered to your door each month so that you don't have to, you know, go out or anything. The March snack box had a whopping eleven different sample-sized treats for me, none of which I had ever tried before. Check out what I got:

Eli's Earth Bars - an organic "milk" chocolate, peanut butter crunch and caramel "Treasure" candy bar. This was scrumptious. Right up there with the Go Max Go bars, which is mighty high praise in my book.

Earth Balance Aged White Cheddar Puffs - Vegan. Cheese. Puffs. Need I say more? I inhaled this whole bag. I love Cheesy Poofs.

Beyond Eggs - the vegan egg replacers just keep getting better and better. I can't wait to make a batch of cookies with this.

Vbar - a delicious whole-foods snack bar

Ultima Replenisher - an electrolyte drink powder to boost up that glass of water

Sjaak's Organic Chocolate Eggs - perfect for your vegan Easter basket

Barre - I got the one with pecans, coconut, and spirulina. Looked "healthy" but tasted great.

Equal Exchange - delicious fair-trade chocolate

Cocomo Joe Cocomocorn - another highlight of the box! Vegan caramel corn! Totally addictive.

Nyl Gentle Sugar Body Polish - all natural skincare products because you need to treat yourself on the outside, too

Flamous Falafel Chips - every vegan has to declare their love for falafel (as well as hummus) in order to earn their membership V-card. These taste just like falafel, but thin and crunchy!

So if you haven't discovered Vegan Cuts yet, they have great discounts on all kinds of vegan products - food, accessories, fashion, and more. And these monthly snack boxes for only $19.95/month. So get yourself on over there and sign up for one. And get another one for a friend. And maybe one for your mom. And for your hot vegan lover.


  1. Leinana,

    Vegan cuts is also doing a fundraiser of sorts for a new series of boxes dubbed "The Taste of ...." and the first one is PDX. They want to offer TO boxes from international locals as well. Thought you might be interested.